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Welcome to Rajmahal Hotel

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          RajMahal Hotel is proud to combine the ambience of elegance, tradition and comfort with modern business facilities. Exceptional Indian hospitality and guest comfort are our foremost concerns. The hotel offers graceful architecture with modern facilities. We have a wide array of options to choose from in AC rooms. The AC rooms are fited with all modern gadgets of utility. The options available with us for rooms are Raj Suit,Semi Suit, Deluxe, Simple Room, Extra Mattres.

          Coffee City is located in Chikmagalur, it is 250 kilometres from Bangalore a capital of Karnataka. Set in the heart of the Coffee Hills of Chikmagalur, Coffee City is an unprecedented tourist destination, offering a rare opportunity to enjoy South India's wildlife and beauty. The City lies just outside Mullayana Giri, and a stay here is the perfect way to appreciate and respect the environment. This is a place for anyone who loves nature: somewhere to fill your lungs with fresh mountain air, to savour the rich fragrance of Coffee and Spices, to watch nature of beauty.


          Chikmagalur is blessed with a rich diversity of agricultural products and this is reflected in the state's delightful cuisine. The food is simple yet delicious. Karnataka's are known to use whatever the land and water offers. Keeping this tradition alive, most of Karnataka's hotels offer homegrown food as their chief attraction. Diversity in Chikmagalur's cuisine is seen not only because of its variety of natural products but also because of religious and cultural factors

* Air-Conditioned Rooms

*Room Service

*Uninterrupted Power Supply

*Multi Channel Cable TV


*Laundry Service

*Safe Deposit Lockers
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